Men are not the only people who suffer from hair loss. While male pattern baldness is a more common and accepted condition, many practitioners perform SMP for women just as often as their male clients.

scalp micropigmentation women

There are several reasons why women could begin losing their hair. Alopecia is an autoimmune condition that can cause hair loss all over the body, and often presents with hair falling out in chunks, leaving the patient with large bald spots all over his or her head.

Women are often under an immense amount of social pressure to look great, and one way many choose to accomplish this is to restrictively diet in order to lose those extra pounds. Unfortunately, if a diet doesn’t provide the body with the nutrients it needs, one could end up shedding hair alongside weight.

Finally, hair loss is wrapped up in genetics, and just like men, certain women may be predisposed.

Why SMP for Women is an Important Procedure

SMP for WomenIt may seem like there are few options for women who are losing their hair. After all, not every girl can pull off a short hairstyle. The situation is not so hopeless, however. Even if wigs, special shampoos, and surgeries haven’t done the job, Scalp MicroPigmentation isn’t short hair specific! Patients can choose how to fill out their visible scalp. Many of our clients have taken advantage of our SMP for women. Check out their stories:

Patient Mrs. S

I was so excited when my boyfriend finally proposed to me and couldn’t wait for our summer wedding! As the date drew nearer though, I was plagued by doubts. I always wore my thinning hair up to hide my ever-visible scalp but I knew my husband and I both wanted my hair down on the big day.

It was important that my marriage was perfect, so I investigated SMP for women, finding that it was an effective, short-recovery method for filling in a head of long hair! The treatment took no time and all and I was so happy with the results. My wedding day was perfect; I knew I looked like the bride of my husband’s dreams!

Patient Mrs. F

I’ve always been overweight, but it was only when I realized my children were taking after my unhealthy eating habits that I decided to make a change. Together with my daughter, I began a restrictive diet and we both lost a large amount of weight over the course of the summer.

We were thrilled with our weight loss, but found that whenever we showered, large swaths of hair would fall out. I tried everything to get to the bottom of this, but no doctor could figure it out. Finally I went to a hair loss specialist who suggested I try SMP for women to fill in the thinning hair. I booked three sessions for myself and couldn’t be happier with the results. My long hair looks as thick and luxurious as it did before I started dieting! Now I can feel self-confident about my weight loss without being worried about my thinning hair! I also learned the importance of having a doctor approve my diets and making sure I get all my nutrients.

Patient Mrs. R

I am a young woman in my early 20’s and I never thought that hair loss would affect me, but more and more I was able to see my scalp showing through my hair. People would comment on how obvious my parting was and I was getting really self-conscious. My doctor told me I wasn’t a good candidate for hair transplant surgery because we didn’t know when my hair would stop thinning. As a last ditch effort, I opted for SMP.

I am so happy I chose this treatment! I can still style my hair however I want but I don’t have to worry about drying it out with dry shampoo or making it look greasy with hair gel. I don’t get comments any more about my visible scalp and my confidence has returned tenfold! SMP was a way easier treatment than hair transplant and it was super effective.